This tutorial assumes you have already logged into WHM.

Click the SERVER STATUS link.

Here you will find a list of services running in your server and their status whether the services are UP or whether the services are FAILING.

From the green lights demonstrated on the right side of the screen, you can determine that all services are UP AND RUNNING.

If the lights were RED (FAILING) or YELLOW (ABOUT TO FAIL) then more investigation would be needed to find out why, and how to get the services back up and running.

One of the more important items on this list is the SERVER LOAD. It’s a good indication of how hard the server is being run. If the load gets much above 1.00 (depending on your server configuration), it may be overloaded.

At the bottom of the LIST OF SERVICES your HARD DRIVE is listed in partitions, and you can see how much storage space is being used. It is typically the /HOME DIRECTORY where all the hosting account files are located, so you should ensure that there is plenty of space available.

In the demo, there is a /BACKUP partition set up on a separate hard drive (HDC) and it’s currently 33% full.

Now click the SEVER INFORMATION link.

On the Server Information page you can see the complete details of your server.

Checking Server Status and Information in WHM