What is WordPress Hosting? (basics, why, what)

WordPress is a great tool for publishing items on to the web but you need a hosting service that will serve as a home for your WordPress tool. There are companies out there that specialize in hosting WordPress blogs, where tools are customized to suit a bloggers frequent update needs.

Running a WordPress service is not difficult.

In fact, most shared hosting packages can accommodate WordPress tools but if you want more specialized tools and a support team that is an expert when it comes to WordPress, then you may need a specialized WordPress hosting solution. WordPress hosting companies need support for PHP 4.3 or higher, plus MySQL 4. Although WordPress would work on a Windows server, hosting it on Linux will give you less issues and headaches.

Choosing a WordPress service means you should also check for the security if the site. WordPress hosting solutions are mostly specialized shared hosting packages that are designed and deployed to work best with a WordPress template. Look for extra features like web design tools, additional templates, prolonged technical support and even money back guarantees when you are scouting for a WordPress hosting partner.

When choosing a WordPress partner, make sure that their solution is scalable, just in case your blog gets more and more traffic as time goes by. You need to make sure that they can adapt to the changes in the web traffic as well as your storage needs. Blogs contain a lot of data especially in terms of photos so you need that extra web and disk space for your page.

Is WordPress Hosting for you?

Before you decide on what type of hosting solution you would prefer, ask yourself these questions to help you make a decision faster:

  1. Does your web service really need a blog interface?
  2. Is WordPress your best option so far, in terms of maintaining your blog?
  3. Do you need extra web design tools that are WordPress-compatible to help you deploy your service?

If you answered at least one “yes” to any of the questions above, then you are a good candidate for a WordPress hosting solution.