What is Windows Hosting a nutshell?

Windows hosting is perfect for individuals who are just starting out in the field of producing websites. The platform is very easy to understand and managing the website is fairly simple as well. There is no need to learn a new language just to keep track and update your web pages. Windows hosting services also allow solution owners to host their web applications without installing and maintaining their own physical server. The main advantage of this kind of hosting is that Windows is compatible with more applications than any other operating systems out there. If you plan to build your website using Microsoft technologies such as visual basic, or .NET, you actually have no other options but to choose Windows hosting. The same goes if your website requires a dynamically driven database or if you are hoping to use Active Server Pages (.ASP).

For all its advantages, Windows hosting also has its share of shortcomings. First on the list is the instability of the platform. You will have to face problems with the server as well as downtime issues regularly. You will also have to reboot more often. This will result to more downtime for your website. Another setback is the amount of resources that Windows hosting eats up. It requires more disk space, Ram, and probably more bandwidth. This, coupled with the cost of the operating platform itself, means that Windows hosting is more expensive than other packages available. Plus, you will be hard pressed to find very many Windows application that comes for free. In the end, if you are considering getting this type of hosting, be prepared to shell out a pretty large amount of money.

Is Windows Hosting the right choice for you? The following questions may help you in making that decision:

1. Are you more comfortable in using Windows over other available operating systems?
2. Do you plan to use mostly Windows-based applications on your site?
3. Do you plan to build your website using visual basic or .net languages?
4. Do you plan to use .ASP for your website?
If you answered yes to most of these questions, then Windows hosting may be the best choice for you.