What is VPS Hosting in a nutshell?

VPS hosting is a virtual private server hosting a web service on a virtual machine. This may mean that the hosting solution is not necessarily using a dedicated physical computer but is functioning like one. This also means independent OS’s and reboots, if needed. VPS hosting solutions are often more expensive than the typical shared hosting solutions since it requires more from the machine hosting it.

VPS is also sometimes called a VDS or a virtual dedicated server, which is roughly the same thing. When considering a VPS hosting solution, remember that you can be sharing the physical computer with another client; you do not have exclusivity to the physical computer, only to the virtual machine running on it. This also means that you need to manage your own hosting solution especially in terms of updating and monitoring it. The good thing about VPS hosting solutions is that it usually offers unmetered hosting, since you are the only one using that virtual machine, anyway. A VPS hosting solution relies on the capacity of the machine hosting it so when you are choosing one, make sure that the machine empowering it can cope up with your web service’s requirements. VPS hosting solutions are more expensive than the shared hosting solutions since you will require more space and memory from the host machine. They are the in-between offering for those who want more than the usual shared hosting solution but cannot afford the fully dedicated servers offered by others. Having your own virtual machine also means less restrictions in terms of what you can run or install on your server.

Is VPS Hosting for you?

Ask yourself these questions to know if VPS hosting is the type of web hosting solution that best fits your requirements:

1. Do you want unmetered bandwidth with your monthly data transfer allowance?
2. Does your web service require a lot more space and memory compared to what shared hosting offers?
3. Can you monitor and manage your own hosting solution?

If your answer is “yes” to most of these questions, then a VPS hosting is the type of web hosting solution right for you.