What is vBulletin hosting a nutshell?

vBulletin (vB) is an increasingly popular Internet forum software. It was developed using PHP and uses a MySQL database server. Given that vBulletin runs on PHP and MySQL, it is assumed that vBulletin hosting solutions should have PHP parsing and MySQL installed. Benefits and disadvantages of PHP and MySQL also apply to vBulletin hosting. Both technologies required to run vBulletin, PHP and MySQL, have proven their reliability and performance. They also usually are packed together in other hosting solutions so there are many resources available in integrating the two technologies. The PHP Group (company that maintains PHP) and Oracle (company that maintains MySQL) have also made extensive efforts to maintain compatibility between the two technologies. They are also platform-independent, meaning PHP, MySQL, and effectively vBulletin are not exclusive to any operating system. They can run on any commercial server as long as hardware requirements are met. Given that both PHP and MySQL have great performance, vBulletin also inherits that exceptional performance, that is why many clients choose vBulletin and its PHP – MySQL combination.

Due to vBulletin’s popularity, there are also abundant online resources and thriving Internet communities that discuss vBulletin so server administrators will never be at a loss in deploying their vBulletin web solution. One disadvantage is that vBulletin is designed to run on PHP and MySQL. Even though both supporting technologies are free, if you have a different scripting engine, or different database software, these resources will be wasted. PHP and MySQL also have limited software support since both do not require you to purchase a license. Instead of calling their support channels, server administrators usually run searches through Google, browsing forums and blogs for solutions to their problems on PHP and MySQL. vBulletin, though, has a paid license so you can call their support lines for vBulletin concerns.

Should you consider vBulletin hosting? The following questions may guide you to your answer:

1. Are you willing to use the free solutions, PHP and MySQL, in your Internet forum solution?
2. Are you comfortable working with “packaged” software solutions?
3. Are you willing to pay software license for your Internet forum solution?

If you answered “yes” to these guide questions, then vBulletin hosting might be the ideal solution for your Internet forum service.