What is Unlimited Web Hosting in a nutshell?

There are two factors considered when choosing a web hosting services – space, where we consider the amount of disk space that will be allocated for your service, and bandwidth, where we consider the amount of network traffic that will go through your web service. Note that network traffic covers both upstream, the amount of data sent to you by your site visitors, and downstream, the amount of data sent from your web service to your visitors. Unlimited web hosting can be defined by these two factors. It may mean that the contents of your web service can occupy any amount of disk space, or your web service can accommodate any amount of traffic, or both.

The obvious benefit of availing unlimited web hosting services is you, as the web service owner, will not need to worry about your site’s space consumption or traffic limit. You don’t have to compute your possible maximum limits for disk space and bandwidth and you don’t have to worry if your web service breaches these limits. You are free to put large, rich graphics and fancy flash animations which will definitely add value to your visitor’s user experience. You can freely add, remove, and update content without having to budget your remaining available disk space. The downside of this is these unlimited web hosting services are usually expensive and is more suitable for large corporations or businesses which focus on rich media. In contrast, having limited bandwidth and disk space would mean the hosting service has the option to put your web service offline should you breach any limit of your web hosting plan.

Should you consider unlimited web hosting? The following questions may guide you to your answer:
1. Are you struggling to budget your current disk space?
2. Does your web service generate too much traffic?
3. Do you need to host videos, rich graphics, or any form of large media?
4. Will your web service’s disk consumption or traffic requirements vary depending on network traffic or updates to your site?
5. Is downtime critical in your web service? Do you need your site to be up and online 24/7?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then unlimited web hosting may be your best choice.