What is Unlimited Database Hosting in a nutshell?

Database hosting gives you the option of having database resources without actually owning and managing your own database software. Unlimited database hosting simply means your web service can have any number of databases it may require, and these databases can store unlimited amounts of data. Actual database resources are shared between other database hosting co-clients.

The benefits of basic database hosting also applies to unlimited database hosting. With database hosting, your web service can efficiently store and read data. This makes your visitor’s user experience more dynamic than the standard web service which may only serve static files. Database hosting is also an easier and cheaper alternative than installing and maintaining one’s own database software. Individual database licenses are very expensive and database administration is a very specialized and very technical skill. These services are covered by the database hosting service provider. With unlimited database hosting, your web service can effectively store an unlimited amount of data. In contrast to owning and managing your own database, data stored in hosted databases is possibly accessible by the service provider, the actual owner of the database. Even though privacy and non-disclosure agreements are placed to prevent this from happening, the risk is still there. This is the reason why highly sensitive data, like credit card information, is not usually stored in hosted databases. Optimization and enhancement is also not possible in hosted databases. Since you are just a client and not the actual database owner, you can only provide the database schema and cannot participate in reconfiguring the database server to make it run more efficiently with your web service. There are web services that require more than just hosting static text and image files. These web sites usually ask visitors for input, then stores that input in a database for processing and persistence. Installing, hosting and managing your own database is, unfortunately, very expensive. Database hosting gives you the option of having database resources without actually owning and managing your own database software.

If you are having a hard time deciding which ype of hosting best suits your needs, ask yourself the following questions:
1. Do you need database hosting in the first place? Do you need to read and store considerable amount of data which cannot be serviced by static resources?
2. Do you need fast turnaround time in reading and writing your data?
3. Do you need to store a large amount of data?
4. Is it okay for other individuals to be able to access the data you store in your web service?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then unlimited database hosting may be your best choice.