What is Profitable Hosting in a nutshell?

Profitable hosting or reselling of hosting packages, is a way to make more money out of existing hosting packages from other providers. Some people do not have the time or effort to scour for the best deals, especially with the thousands of options in terms of web hosting providers. Reselling a good deal, with a stable performance for a slightly higher rate, or in bundle with your existing features, is a good way to earn more cash.

Having your very own hosting company can be quite expensive, since you need to maintain several machines and arm yourself with knowledgeable people to take care of the servers. But if you do not have all of these, but you definitely have a lot of marketing and selling knowledge, then you can probably resell existing packages. This way, you are acting as a middleman to the actual customer and your supplier. One of the advantages of reselling other company’s packages is that most hosting companies have lower, reseller rate to help them sell their packages to more people. This also means that you only need to arm yourself with a good technical support staff to be the first line of support whenever there are issues, a user-friendly website and good marketing skills. Everything else, you leave to your server supplier. This also means, for your customer, that you can always switch providers without them knowing, whilst giving them a seamless experience. Your customer is not tied down to a particular provider since naturally, you are always on the look out for better deals out there. For your customers, it is like having a personal shopper for the best hosting deals. For you, it means getting in to the web hosting industry without having to see a physical machine.

Is Profitable Hosting for you?

Are you thinking of getting into the reselling or profitable hosting arena? Read through the questions below to see if you are up to the challenge:

1. Do you want to sell hosting solutions but you think you are not tech savvy enough to learn the kinks?
2. Are you looking for a provider that will continuously look for the best deals?
3. Do you want to make money out of web hosting but do not personally know how to operate a server?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you are indeed on the right track in getting a profitable hosting solution for you and your web service team.