With multiple domain web hosting, you won’t have to buy an additional hosting plan for your next website. All hosts below offer plans that let you host multiple websites on a single account. We rated the hosts starting with the best value at #1. Uptime and reliability, customer support, essential features and bonus offers are also taken into account.

Businesses are not just grabbing up hosting space for the building of one website, they are grabbing enough space to build many websites. When a web hosting company provides a multiple domain hosting plan for the business, that business can run all of their sites from the same host and the same server, making life a little bit easier.

Why More Than One Site?

Not all Internet business is grounded in a physical entity. Many online businesses are run in the world where everything is virtual. These businesses require multiple domain web hosting because they run multiple domains. As a matter of fact, this is the heart of the business. The more domains they run, the more ad space and affiliate space and the more money in the business owner’s pocket.

What Will A Multiple Hosting Plan Provide?

The key to a great multiple domain hosting plan is space. The more sites on one plan, the more space needed to house the files that make the site viewable to visitors. For the business that needs multiple domains hosted, the sky is the limit and the more space they can have in one plan, the better.

It is often common for a multiple domain hosting company to offer an entire dedicated server to a business with multiple domain hosting needs. But, the company should know that a server is not an inexpensive piece of real estate and the price will go up for the use of that space, dramatically. In some cases, for larger business rings with many sites, purchasing a dedicated server for the business may just drive down costs.

Web business is all about multiplicity. The more websites a business has, the more ad money coming in and the more affiliates who want to be a part of the business ring of sites. This is all very good news for the multiple domain hosting companies and their servers.