What is Modx Hosting in a nutshell?

Modx is an open source CMS or content management system written in PHP and uses MySQL. This means that a hosting package should be in Linux to make the deployment as seamless as possible. The selected hosting package may not be Modx-specific but certain CMS and Modx requirements must be double checked to ensure good performance.

Since Modx is a CMS, an unlimited access to databases is ideal, or at least a huge amount of databases must be accessible. This also means that a high monthly bandwidth allocation is a must, along with ample amount of storage. Although it can run on Windows, Linux is recommended. It is also recommended that the hosting package supports PHP 5.3 and above, and runs on MySQL 5.1 at least. JSON, cURL and SimpleXML must also be supported since these are essential PHP modules. Since Modx is designed to run on the latest technology, legacy server packages are definitely out of the picture. Find a hosting provider that can give you all these plus the mandatory good uptime ratio and record of stability. Be on the look out for good promotions such as web coupons, free trial periods, free installation and setup as well as 30-day money back guarantee. When choosing a Modx hosting partner, double check with their customer support team if they have done Modx installations in the past so that you know that they know what they are dealing with. The best value in getting a Modx-specific package is that the support personnel assigned to it must have enough knowledge to help you with Modx issues.

Is Modx Hosting for you?

If you are not sure if a Modx hosting solution is the right type for you and your team, check out the questions below to help you decide:

1. Is Modx your top option in providing the CMS engine for your web service?
2. Do you want a Modx installation that is seamless and hassle free?
3. Do you want assistance from Modx deployment experts?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of these, then you should be getting a Modx hosting package for you and your business.