What is Managed Hosting in a nutshell?

Managed hosting service, also known as dedicated hosting service or dedicated server, is a web hosting service where the client leases the entire physical server. Unlike standard web hosting services, managed hosting gives complete control and flexibility to the client in terms of software and hardware set up. Server administration is usually done by the provider as an added service in the hosting package, with an online management portal accessible to the client.

Managed hosting is one step down from owning and managing your own physical server. One obvious benefit is that the client is given full control of the server. The client will be able to customize the server configuration for the web service, dictating critical options such as disk capacity, memory, operating system to use, bandwidth allocation, database system and configuration, etc. Also, all server resources such as memory, disk space, and bandwidth are fully dedicated to the web service. It is up to the client how the web service will use these resources installed on the server. Installing and maintaining a server is very expensive. Servers need to be set in a cool and low humidity environment so special air conditioners must be installed. Servers also need special power requirements. They do not simply plug into the usual home electrical socket. Generators, batteries, rectifiers, and inverters are some of the hardware required in setting up a server. These costs will be added to the overhead. Another factor to consider in managed hosting is that the client does not have physical access to the server. Some system administration tasks such as installing additional hardware and performing hard resets can only be done by contacting the hosting service provider. Security is also somewhat compromised since the hosting service provider has direct, physical access to your server.

Is managed hosting best for you? The following questions may guide you to your answer:

1. Do you own and manage other physical servers?
2. Do you have considerable experience in installing and setting up servers?
3. Is it acceptable for other individuals to have access to the information stored in your web service?
4. Is having your own server with dedicated resources absolutely necessary for your web service?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then managed hosting may be your best choice.