What is Linux Hosting in a nutshell?

Linux is a widely distributed and flexible operating system. It can be found in almost all types of devices ranging from mobile phones to supercomputers. Linux has a strong reputation for being fast and secure, two very, if not the most important factors in hosting web solutions. That is why hosting Linux applications is one of the most popular solutions in web hosting.

There are many advantages in opting for a Linux-based web hosting solution. One popular advantage is that it is completely free. People are free to download Linux distributions and upload it to their host server. There is no need to pay any amount for license. Another popular advantage to Linux hosting is security. In Linux (and Unix) you simply cannot make any drastic changes to the system without having root access. Unlike in previous Windows releases where attackers can make damaging changes to the system without logging in as the computer administrator. Linux also has the popular LAMP (Linux – Operating system, Apache – web server software, MySQL – database software, PHP – server-side scripting software) environment, which many developers regard as a “starter kit” for hosting a web application in Linux. Linux web applications can also be ported to a Windows server since most Linux technologies support running in Windows. Linux is a very configurable and daunting operating system. System administrator are usually given extensive training to support Linux web servers. Linux, most of the time, cannot be used properly out-of-the-box. You may need to install patches or additional software to meet your hosting requirements.

Should you consider Linux hosting? The following questions may guide you to your answer:

1. WIll you be able to perform your system administration duties via the Command Line Interface (CLI)?
2. Are you willing to trade quality assurance and support of paid OS host solutions (like Windows and Mac OS X) for lower overhead cost by using a free operating system?
3. Are speed and security high priority requirements for your web solution?

If you answered “yes” to these guide questions, then Linux hosting might be the ideal solution for your web application.