What is Green Hosting in a nutshell?

Green hosting is a type of web hosting solution that takes special considerations to make their operations as earth-friendly as possible. This often means minimizing gas emissions from the machines or making the solution need less energy and electricity.

Green hosting attempts to minimize the negative effects of hosting machines by making the solution as energy-efficient as possible. Currently the server hosting industry is in the top 5 contributors to carbon monoxide emissions. If this trend goes on, some people believe that by the year 2020, the server hosting industry can overtake the airline industry as one of the top air pollutants in the world. Green hosting companies try to minimize this effect by getting machines that are known to consume less electricity but not sacrifice their output. In some cases, some green hosting solutions even pledge to plant a tree for every account created with them. Other than these attempts to help the environment, a green hosting company should offer roughly the same set of packages as any other regular hosting solutions company. This means the same packages whether it is a shared, vps or dedicated server hosting solution.

Is Green Hosting for you?

For those who really want to support other organizations that aim to help the environment, choosing a green hosting solution to partner up with is a step in the right direction. You wouldn’t be burdened by the fact that servers contribute to nearly 1/3 the total carbon monoxide emissions in the country. It is like hitting two birds with one stone – you ge your web hosting package and at the same time, you are helping the environment.

To know if green hosting is really for you, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you want to help the environment?
2. Do you want to support organizations that minimize electricity consumption?
3. Do you want to get the same server hosting packages but at the same time not contribute to the air pollution?

If you answered mostly yes, then getting a green hosting solution might be the right move for you.