There are a number of different hosting types in the online world today and one type that has seen a lot of attention lately is front page hosting.  Simply put, this is web hosting that has support for Microsoft Frontpage.  This type of front page hosting has been very helpful to people that use Microsoft Frontpage in the construction of their websites because the different Frontpage extensions that might be used in the construction of a website using that software are supported when that webpage ends up going live online.

The Importance of Frontpage Hosting

There are many reasons why having Frontpage hosting web sites that are friendly to files uploaded with Frontpage extensions is important and one of the main reasons as to the importance of such a service is the fact that there are a lot of people out there that use Frontpage for their website construction.  While programs like Dreamweaver might allow you to do more when push comes to shove, at the same time Frontpage is the most user friendly piece of software out there and because of that many people without experience in web coding will use Frontpage in order to build their websites.  A hosting company that offers Frontpage web hosting therefore is a company that is friendly to the needs of these people.

Frontpage Hosting does not have to be Expensive

One of the biggest myths surrounding Frontpage web hosting in the modern context is the myth that if you want to get Frontpage hosting, you are going to have to end up paying a lot more money.  Simply put, this is completely incorrect.  Not only are there plans that include Front page hosting as a free addition just for purchasing a certain plan, but there are also ways to compensate for the inclusion of Frontpage hosting (i.e. getting less server space or bandwidth or sacrificing some of the databases that are included with a particular plan) that allow you to pay the same amount of money that you would have ended up paying anyway.