What are Hosts with Free Domain Name?

Hosts that offer free domain names are abundant these days. They provide you with an option to get a free domain name along with the account that you choose to sign up with them. The amount of free domain names range from just one to multiple domains. Most web hosting companies that offer free domain names are no different from those who do not – they can offer dedicated, shared or VPS solutions. The free domain names are just perks that they add to their offerings.

Domains can be expensive, especially if you need a lot of domains for your web service. The price also depends on the domain extension that you want. Most of the time, regional domains such as .co.uk or .sg are more expensive than the more generic .coms. This is why it is a perk to sign up with hosting solutions providers that give free domains with every account. Some offer free domain but require you to place some ads in your website, to help them fund the free domain cost. Other sites will give you free domains depending on the type of package that you sign up for. There are some that give the domains free for only a year and from then on, you need to maintain or pay the regular domain rates. Choose wisely and shop smartly when choosing hosting solutions that give free domains. This is the part where you should read the fine print because too much ads on your page may be discouraging for your users, especially if you have no control on the placement and content of these ads. For those who are just starting out, are not too picky with the domain names or for those who will be using it for personal use, getting a hosting package with a free domain name is a great helping hand to get your service up and about.

Is Hosts with Free Domain Name for you?

To help you decide if a free domain name hosting solution is the right way to go, answer these questions with a yes or no:
1. Are you ok with getting ads placed on your website in exchange for the free domain?
2. Are you not picky with the domain name options that will be given to you?
3. Are you a beginner webmaster that wishes to cut down web development and maintenance costs?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the questions above, then you should be scouting for a host that can give you a free domain name.