What is eCommerce Hosting in a nutshell?

eCommerce hosting solutions are packages that are customized to cater to the needs of the online entrepreneur. This means additional support for shopping cards, secure billing, integration with PayPal and advertisement credits are the top considerations when selecting an eCommerce hosting partner.

When you are in the world of eCommerce, this means you are engaged in online trading. You need to firstly secure the funds that are going through your system. Being hacked is never an option and passwords, as well as usernames, must be encrypted. Finding a partner that can provide a robust security system is a must, along with other tools that can help you sell, manage and monitor your accounts properly. An eCommerce hosting package focuses less on the storage and bandwidth limitations (although you need to consider these, too) and more on the add on features and expertise needed in dealing with commercial sites. Building your product catalog, a CMS or a content management system, is a must, as well as integration with shopping cart software, shipping applications and SSL certificates. A big advantage of having an eCommerce hosting plan instead of a typical dedicated or shared hosting package, is that you have a support team that is knowledgeable about these concerns whenever an issue arises. With a regular hosting package, they will most likely not be too well informed about shopping cart issues unlike those who specialize in eCommerce hosting. When choosing an eCommerce partner, check if they have money back guarantees, web coupons or other discounts that you can avail of since you are in the business of making money, you want to make the most out of what you are getting.

Is eCommerce Hosting for you?

Do you think that getting an eCommerce hosting partner is the right move for you? To help you decide, check the questions below and see if you agree with most of them.

1. Do you need shopping cart support and assistance in CMS-building?
2. Is the eCommerce-site the bread and butter of your business?
3. Do you want to guarantee the security of the payments?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then getting an eCommerce hosting partner is the next step for you.