What is Dedicated Server Hosting in a nutshell?

Dedicated server hosting is one of the most expensive types of web hosting solutions since it requires a one-is-to-one ratio of servers per client. This means you have exclusive access to a physical machine, not just a virtual one, and can essentially do what you want to do with that dedicated machine.

Dedicated server hosting gives you freedom to run whatever OS you want to run on that machine, install scripts and applications and other tools. Having your very own dedicated server hosting your web service means that you need to pick a machine that can support the features that you will require.

You need to choose the right kind of memory and processor to make sure that it is up to speed to your requirements.Having a dedicated server means you can reboot it at your whim and at the same time, have the support team of the host help you out if ever there are issues in your network.

The pricing of dedicated server hosting solutions varies greatly, mostly due to the operating system that you prefer to work with. Naturally, Linux solutions are cheaper since there is a licensing fee with Windows.

Most dedicated servers have unmetered bandwidth and have dedicated IP’s since you are not sharing your line with anyone else.

A dedicated server solution also means that you should do your own management and monitoring of the server, although some providers provide these extra services at an extra cost. If you are thinking of hosting your solution in the long run, with potentially many other sub-clients hooking up to it, then a dedicated server solution might be the thing for you.

Is Dedicated Server Hosting for you?

To know if dedicated server hosting is the right type of hosting for you and your web service, ask yourself the following questions to help you decide.

  1. Do you need unmetered bandwidth and memory for your web service?
  2. Are you willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for a web hosting solution?
  3. Do you want a stable and relatively uninterrupted web hosting solution?
  4. Can you manage and monitor your own hosting solution?

If you answered mostly “yes” to the questions above, then a dedicated server hosting is the right type of hosting solution for you and your web service.