What is Colocation Hosting in a nutshell?

Colocation hosting is the act of allowing your servers be hosted somewhere else, away from your physical office. For those who are just starting up or for those who do not want to take care of their physical machines, collocating with a colocation provider eliminates the need to look after the physical servers.

Most of the web hosting solutions out there use colocation, since not all those who need servers personally house them and take care of them. It is like renting out a space for your servers. You may or may not personally see your server being taken to the location. You can opt to buy the hardware straight from the hosting provider, so that they can recommend what type of machines they work best with. When going for a colocation hosting service, you need not ensure that there is a backup generator for the machines. You need not secure the stable room temperature. All of these details are taken cared of by the colocation hosting provider. It is a hassle-free way of maintain and ensuring that your servers are running as they should. For those who are just starting up or do not want to risk managing their own servers, this is the ideal solution since you essentially just pay for the space and someone else takes care of it for you. Even for those who are not small players, colocation is proving to be a more economical choice since there’s the savings in electricity and man power (no need to have your own NOC team for monitoring). You can focus instead on providing a better web service by turning your attention to the actual content and performance.

Is Colocation Hosting for you?

Do you want to know if colocation is the type of hosting service for you? Or are you the type that can manage his own set of servers? Answer the questions truthfully to find out:

1. Do you want to not think about power backup, environmental stability and other server set up issues as you run your web service?
2. Are you willing to pay extra to have other experts look after your physical machines?
3. Do you want to save on costs both in electricity and effort in looking after the servers?

If you anwered “yes” to one of these questions (or more) then a colocation type of hosting package is the best one for your needs.