What is Cloud Hosting in a nutshell?

Cloud hosting belongs to the new generation of hosting solutions that allows greater flexibility on the part of the customer. Unlike the traditional dedicated or shared hosting packages, a cloud hosting solution allows a service to access several other machines, instead of just one. This means if you want to upscale or update a particular section or component of your service remotely, you can do so without having to put down your entire service momentarily.

Cloud hosting differentiates itself well from the other forms of hosting solutions by giving you access to multiple servers. This means that you are not dependent on the performance of a single server. This is important if you want to ensure the continuity of your service. This means less down time, less interruptions. One of the major benefits of going with a cloud hosting solution is the scalability it brings to the table. You can easily upgrade (or scale-down) your services without rebooting everything. It is virtually a limitless option since you can always choose to add on more and more power to your service, depending on the growth of your web application. Another big perk is the cost. Cloud computing can cost you less, depending on how much cloud computing work is needed. It is much like how you are charged for your water and electricity bills, it’s a pay per use scheme. This can eventually cost less as compared to getting several dedicated servers for you. But a major drawback, is that you have no control over the physical location of your server, since it is essentially anywhere and everywhere. Another thing to consider is the security since you will be arming several servers instead of just a single machine.

Is Cloud Hosting for you?

To know if cloud hosting is the right type of hosting solution for you and your web service, answer the following questions:

1. Do you see the activity in your site rapidly changing on a monthly basis?
2. Do you like the idea that you can upgrade and downgrade without causing interruptions to the service?
3. Are you willing to pay more than the regular shared hosting package and resort to a pay per use scheme?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then getting a cloud hosting package is the right move for you.