Editor’s Guide To Finding Good, Cheap Web Hosting

With disk space and bandwidth resources getting cheaper every day, web hosting has become a more affordable service. A few years ago, owning your own web service was exclusive only to businesses and famous people. Now, with affordable web hosting, the Internet is riddled with personal sites, blogs, and forums. In spite of the affordability of standard web hosting packages, some clients would prefer to lessen the cost even further by customizing web hosting packages, removing features and services not required or being used by their web service.

The main goal of cheap web hosting is also its biggest advantage. You, the client, will pay for only what your web service will use.

Ideally, there will be no overhead costs, no unused features and services. Determining the required features and services, and finding a web hosting service that can provide those short-listed features are the pain points and disadvantages of cheap web hosting.

Balance Price vs Quality/Features

As with looking for any bargain item, the balance between price and quality should be considered.

You could find a small web hosting service that has everything you need and nothing more, but the uptime of the service is only around 60 percent, or maybe there’s no reliable technical support system, so you’ll end up losing to hours or maybe even days of downtime because you do not have the capacity to troubleshoot your web hosting set up. Also consider free web hosting sites.

They may not be as full-featured as paid web hosting services, but their set of features and services might be a better fit than paid hosting services. Do not just go for what is recommended by friends or colleagues, their web service might be totally different from yours so it follows that your web hosting requirements are also different.

So should you consider getting a cheaper web hosting service? The following questions may guide you to your answer:

  1. Do you know the exact requirements for your planned web service? Disk space? Bandwidth?
  2. Do you know the common features and options provided in web hosting services?
  3. Are you able to determine the exact purposes of those features and options?
  4. Have you had considerable experience with standard web hosting services?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then cheap web hosting may be your best choice.