What is Business Hosting in a nutshell?

Web hosting packages that are built to address issues of the business owner are the specialization of business web hosting companies. While others provide a hosting package for personal or small-business use, a more robust and reliable service is needed if it will be hosting a business such as banks, eCommerce sites, government institutions etc. Business hosting solutions often give you more space, memory, bandwidth and processing power than the regular shared hosting solutions. They also naturally cost more.

When choosing a business web hosting partner, understand that the higher cost is attributed to a lot of upgrades. In some cases, especially for shared hosting packages, it means more allocated disk space, more if not unlimited bandwidth, more free tools and free domains, email and FTP accounts. For those who really want a robust system, a dedicated server is recommended, coupled with dedicated IP’s, SSL certificates and monitoring systems. Business web hosting packages also include more MySQL databases, admin control, website building tools and sometimes, even a dedicated support arm to answer the issues of both the end users and the administrators. For those who are hesitant to spend as much as the dedicated servers cost, VPS are also good alternatives for those who want business web hosting solutions. Most web hosting providers have both personal and enterprise hosting solutions in their portfolio but there are some who really specialize in this target market.

Is Business Web Hosting for you?

Give yourself some time to answer the questions below to help you decide if business web hosting is the type of solution you are looking for:

1. Are you not satisfied with the start-up packages being offered out there?
2. Do you need more storage space for your data?
3. Do you want a more robust and reliable host for your growing business needs?
4. Are you willing to spend more per month just to ensure that your service is up 99.99% of the time?

Then if you find yourself saying “yes” to at least one of the questions above, a business web hosting type of solution is the right choice for you.