What is b2evolution Hosting in a nutshell?

B2evolution hosting service is a web hosting solution that specializes in its compatibility with the blogging engine, b2evolution. It is written in PHP and supported by MySQL, so this naturally means it runs better in Linux.

Getting a web hosting solution that fits b2evolution well means that you should first check if the service supports PHP and MySQL. The hosting packages may be the same as the regular dedicated, VPS and shared hosting packages with special consideration to b2evolution needs. This also means that a large database allocation must be given for the account and a high bandwidth allotment, since a database means you will be transferring data back and forth for majority of the deployment. So the moment you see a hosting provider that gives you unlimited MySQL databases, high or unlimited bandwidth allotment per month plus a simple, 1-click installation of the b2evolution kit, then that is a big go signal for you. Since b2evolution is geared towards the medium-scale deployments, you may still be price sensitive so get the deal that gives you more bang for your buck. Make sure that you are getting a reputable company, too, since a good uptime record is also a must. And since b2evolution allows you to skin and redesign blog templates, a big storage capacity for the site assets are also required. You can opt not to get a package that is labeled as a b2evolution package. You just need to list down the requirements mentioned above and look for them in the web packages that you are currently studying.

Is b2evolition Hosting for you?

How do you know if b2evolution hosting is the right type of hosting for you? Answer the questions below to help you find out:

1. Do you want a seamless integration to b2evolution?
2. Do you want an uninterrupted b2evolution performance by having access to a lot of databases?
3. Are you willing to pay extra to avail of the requirements to run b2evolution?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then you are right about considering a b2evolution hosting.