What is ASP Hosting in a nutshell?

In web applications, to be able to produce dynamic, real-time content, your static web documents should have server-side scripting languages that run program code whenever the server receives a request for that web document. Some popular server-side scripting languages are Java Server Pages (JSP), PHP, and Perl. Active Server Pages (ASP) was Microsoft’s attempt into implementing their own server-side scripting language. Microsoft followed up ASP with ASP.NET, ASP re-implemented based on Microsoft’s .NET framework. ASP web hosting is a hosting service that is able to interpret ASP files (files with .asp extension) and ASP.NET files (files with .aspx extension). Both are collectively known as ASP. ASP is solely developed and maintained by Microsoft. With that single statement lays the advantages and disadvantages of ASP and ASP web hosting.

ASP development is very easy to learn. Taking what has been learned from its success with Visual Basic, ASP has drag and drop tools which allows novice developers to create highly dynamic ASP web sites. It also has many different “flavors”, web developers can choose from C#, J#, Visual Basic, and many others in their ASP implementations. ASP web hosting is equally easier. Developers would just need to move their ASP files to the host folder in their server and they’re good to go. ASP, being Microsoft-based, is very expensive to implement. You would need to host your ASP files on a Windows server with IIS, that, in itself, is already more expensive that most hosting solutions. Hosting on servers not running Windows is out of the question. You would usually need expensive tools like Visual Studio .NET in your development; and ASP developers usually cost more than developers trained in other web technologies.

Should you consider getting ASP web hosting? The following questions may guide you to your answer:

1. Do you need to create dynamic, real-time content?
2. Is ease of development a major factor for the implementation your web service?
3. Would the lack of portability and compatibility with other web server systems prevent you from rolling out your web service?

If you answered “yes” to these guide questions, then ASP web hosting might be the ideal solution for your web service.