iPage’s affordable plan might only cost 4.50, but it’s 51 cents more expensive than Globat. Globat’s support sucks though. iPage also gives you unlimited disk space and bandwidth. If you’re planning on attracting a lot visitors to your website, we don’t recommend Globat as you’d have to switch hosts if your website becomes popular.

iPage is our #1 recommendation for affordable hosting.

If you’re thinking of starting on online business, InMotion is definitely our top choice due to their high disk space, bandwidth and services such as business web design and marketing tools.

If you are looking for no-frills, simply affordable web hosting, then HostMonster is our next recommendation for their top notch customer support and tech support, fast support response times, high disk space and bandwidth allowances, and of course their low price of 5.95.

What is web hosting?

A company has your web site on their servers and is responsible for the data. It takes a lot of knowledge and expertise to keep a site running, and that is not what every company does, or even should attempt. Web hosting companies hire trained professionals to take care of any situation.

Web Hosting – An Overview

A website needs attention at all times to keep running smoothly. Web hosting companies provide that attention, sometimes 24 hours a day, to make sure that everything runs as required. If one was trying to do this himself then it would take up a lot of time and effort away from the business, the company got in to do.

Affordable Web Hosting For Small Business

Any small business needs exposure and a website is an easy way to get exposure if you have the right company hosting your website for you. Most hosting companies also provide web design for companies. When they design a web site, they make sure that everything goes in a way that gives your site the maximum exposure it can.


The web hosting company does a very important job for you. However, is it doing it at the best price it can. It is important to a business’s bottom line to make sure that a web hosting company is charging fairly for what they are offering. The host cannot compromise on service to give you a good price but can do their best to make sure you are getting the best your money can buy.