As the internet becomes a growing part of our personal lives and careers, more and more people look to establish their own online presences by creating a website. From personal blogs to online stores, websites enable us to communicate, share, and work with those around us. Nevertheless, many people hesitate to create their own website, due to the perceived high costs and difficulty.

While it’s true that major websites require hefty investments, there is a simple and affordable way to create your own attractive website. By signing up for a personal or business hosting plan from InMotion, you get access to Site Builder, a unique application that lets you create your very own website in minutes. More than that, Site Builder it’s easy to use, so virtually anyone can jump in the web bandwagon, without any hassle. Read on to see how you can gain access to the InMotion Site Builder.

Choose between the Standard and Premium versions of the InMotion Site Builder

When opting for a web hosting plan from InMotion, you gain access to one of the two versions of Site Builder available, Standard or Premium, depending on what class of hosting you choose – Value or Business.

The budget-friendly Value class plans from InMotion Hosting start at only $3.00 per month, so you’ll be pressed to find a better hosting deal on the market. With a 30-day money back guarantee, these plans include plenty of resources to get your website online and an easy to use control panel. To use the Site Builder Standard tool, you need to sign up for a Basic or Max Value class hosting plan. The cheapest plan, Starter, does not provide access to Site Builder.

All plans in the Business class let you use Site Builder Premium, which offers more functions than the Standard version, over 500 stunning themes and even the option to create an online store. Note that each plan includes one free license of Site Builder, which allows you to publish one website. For more sites, you will need to pay a licensing fee.

It’s incredibly easy to have a stunning website. Try it yourself with the InMotion Site Builder

Both versions of Site Builder are amazingly easy to use. In fact, getting your website online only takes three steps.

Step 1: Pick a Theme from the Template Library

Choose a theme from a collection of 500 industry-specific beautiful templates.
Site Builder comes with hundreds of available themes, grouped on categories that are customized for specific industries. Planning a car blog? No problem, choose an edgy Automotive theme. Do you need a site for your real estate business? Site Builder is up to the task, with several professional-looking real estate templates.

Step 2: Add your content with an easy-to-use editor

Adding content to the Site Builder is a matter of pointing and clicking. A visual editor lets you easily add pictures, textboxes, and even flash animations. If you have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, you’ll have no trouble formatting your content. Site Builder is just that easy!

Step 3: Click on Publish and you’re online!

When you’re done adding content, just click on the Publish button and you’re new website is online. No messing with the code, no FTP accounts, no server hassle. Site Builder takes care of all technical tidbits for you. Of course, editing content once it’s published is equally simple.

For beautiful and affordable websites, use InMotion Site Builder

With its Site Builder utility, InMotion shows that publishing beautiful websites is not necessary expensive or difficult. Give it a try yourself, by opting for a shared hosting plan from InMotion Hosting.