PrintPlace is an online printing service that specializes in high-quality, quick turnaround commercial printing. You can order just about any custom printed product from PrintPlace, including postcards, brochures, magazines, flyers, and business cards.

Established in 2004 and based in Arlington, Texas, PrintPlace currently operates three facilities, in Fort Worth, Dallas, and Los Angeles. The multiple facilities allow PrintPlace to offer fast turnaround times, that vary from the same day to 7 business days.

PrintPlace Products

PrintPlace delivers a wide range of custom printed products, both for business and personal use.
The product lineup include brochures, business cards, catalogs, menus, newsletters and just about any other printed product that a company or private customer may need. PrintPlace also produces a series of specialty items that are hard to find at other suppliers, including labels, stickers, and magnets.

For most items, the minimal quantity per order is 250 pieces, which may be problematic if you have small or personal projects. The ordering process is quick and simple, thanks to the intuitive interface that lets you customize your order and see the pricing in real time.

You can choose from several predefined sizes, paper types, and finishes. A number of product-specific options can also be configured, including hole perforations, custom folding, and shrink wrapping. After you finish customizing the order, just hit the Add to Cart button to continue to checkout. If you have custom projects, contact the sales team at PrintPlace – the company offers advanced customization options that are not listed on the site, including custom paper stocks, metallic inks, and high-volume orders.

Choosing a design and proofing the order

Unlike some competitors, PrintPlace does not provide design services, nor even a tool to design your products online. If you are not confident on your graphic skills, you will probably need to hire a design company to assist you. However, PrintPlace does offer templates for each product, available in JPG, EPS, and PDF formats, which you can use to prepare your artwork.

Once you have a finished design, upload it to the PrintPlace website. If you choose the electronic proof (PDF) option, you can see how the artwork appears on the finished product and make as many modifications as you wish, free of charge.

For complex or high-volume projects, PrintPlace recommends that you use the Next Day Mail proof option, which will cost you an extra $50. You will be sent a hard copy of the product, so you can evaluate the color usage and give your final approval.

For a $25 fee, PrintPlace will fix common problems with your design, such as adding bleeds, fixing text issues, embedding fonts, or saving an AI (Adobe Illustrator) file in PDF format for upload.

PrintPlace turnaround options

PrintPlace offers a wide range of turnaround options, from same day shipping to seven business days shipping. All orders are backed by PrintPlace’s On Time Guarantee.

You can benefit from the fastest (and most expensive) turnaround period, same day shipping, if your order is approved and sent to production before noon, CST. Your order will be shipped on the same day, or you can pick it up yourself from one of PrintPlace’s three facilities, starting with the next business day.

Similarly, orders with longer turnarounds are sent to the press during the first business day after the order, and shipped to the clients depending on the selected turnaround. This allows PrintPlace to optimize production, shipping, and storage processes, which enables the company to offer competitive prices for its products.

Mailing and other services

What really sets apart PrintPlace from other online printing services is the Direct Mailing service. Direct Mailing allows you to send your brochure or post card directly to your mailing list, without the hassle of picking up the product, applying addresses, and mailing them yourself.

PrintPlace will inkjet the addresses of the recipients on the products and deliver them to the US Postal Office. You will need to supply a mailing list, which will be processed by PrintPlace to remove duplicates and ensure the accuracy of the addresses. If you don’t have a mailing list, PrintPlace can provide you a targeted list, depending on your requirements. For example, you can send your marketing materials to a list of companies with more than 10 employees or to all households from a specific area.

PrintPlace pricing

Although is difficult to compare prices for printing services, as there are so many aspects involved, PrintPlace does appear to be on the lower end of the price range. The economies of scale allow the company to provide competitive pricing for most of its products. More, PrintPlace boasts a price match guarantee – if you find the same product, specs, and shipping at a lower price, call PrintPlace, and they will match the offer.

The bottom line

PrintPlace is one of the most popular providers of online printing services. The company offers a wide range of products at competitive prices and great quality. The service and customer support are good, but the company does not offer design services, so you will have to outsource them to another company. The mailing service and the great pricing are the strongest points of PrintPlace, positioning it as a leader in the printing services industry.