E-mail marketing is one of the most efficient methods of reaching your audience. A well designed e-mail message sent at the right time can make the difference between a lost lead and a satisfied and loyal customer. E-mail marketing is not an activity you should approach lightly. When done incorrectly, the negative effects on your business can be devastating.

One way to ensure that your e-mail messages serve your goals effectively is to use a dedicated email marketing tool. There are many specialized tools on the market that help you market your business via direct marketing. Among them, iContact, is recognized as a market leader, thanks to the quality of the service, excellent support, and superior integration with various platforms.

iContact Interface

Choose the industry leader to ensure excellent results

iContact is the largest global provider when it comes to e-mail marketing solutions. The success of the company comes from its dedication to answering the needs of all customers, from stay at home moms that blog about their gardens, to multinational corporations with millions of clients.

iContact is a web-based e-mail messaging and marketing service that is ideally suited for accomplishing all common tasks involved with direct marketing. Among the basic features of iContact are:

Contact management
iContact supports various models of contact integration, including opt-in forms, import from Excel or .csv files, manual addition of contacts, and automatic subscription mechanisms. The service monitors bounced-back messages and automatically excludes invalid addresses from your mailing list, to help you conserve resources. Another useful feature of iContact is the forward-to-a-friend feature that helps you expand your user base and gain more audience.

Message creation
When it comes to message formatting,  iContact leads the industry with more than 500 customizable templates for your email messages. For a personal touch, you can use the drag and drop message builder, which lets you design messages without any code knowledge. The MessageCoder function allows advanced users to modify the messages’ HTML source code, for more flexibility and control. One of the best things about iContact is the fact that it provides 5MB of image storage space, so you can easily add attractive images to your messages, with no costs.

Message delivery
Thanks to its commitment to standards and quality, iContact boasts an excellent delivery rate, which was estimated at 99% by independent sources. iContact also helps you make sure that your messages are not going to be marked as spam or blacklisted by mail servers.

Marketing analytics
Of course, iContact offers excellent analytic features, so you can easily track what works and what doesn’t about your e-mail campaigns. The personalized Dashboard is the place where you will find all statistics related to your campaigns, displayed as intuitive charts and graphs.

Advanced features of iContact

The advanced features of iContact really set the service from competing products of other providers. For example, you have the option to integrate your messages with social networks by inserting Facebook like or Twitter follow buttons. This unique feature allows you to leverage the power of social media and combine it with email marketing for great overall results.

Another feature that is specific to iContact is its survey integration. You can quickly create in-depth surveys with a variety of question types, allowing you to consult your audience and better understand what drives and motivates it.

iContact really shines when it comes to integration with various platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla, Facebook, Twitter, or Appointment-Plus. More, iContact has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing web professionals to keep track of email marketing while on the move.

Affordable & Flexible Pricing

iContact is slightly more affordable than other leading email marketing services such as AWeber. For example, customers pay only $10 for the cheapest plan, which supports up to 500 subscribers. In addition, if you opt for a year-long subscription, you receive a discount. With the annual discount, the basic plan costs you only $8.5 per month.

For your peace of mind, iContact offers a 30-Day free trial, so you’ll be able to try out the service without risking your money. Moreover, if you represent a non-profit organization, you’ll be glad to know that iContact offers an additional 20% discount to all non-profit organizations. And, if your non-profit organization is based in North Carolina, iContact will provide you an account completely free.

The bottom line

To wrap up our review, here are the most important things to know about iContact’s services:

  • 99% deliverability
  • Integration with various platforms
  • Free image hosting
  • Intuitive analytics
  • Accessible pricing scheme

We hope you’ll find our iContact review useful and let us know if you have any feedback! Still not convinced? Watch the tutorial below to see how easy it easy to set up iContact.