Nowadays, it becomes more and more important to have an online presence, be it a Facebook page, a blog, or a full-fledged website. Especially for businesses, but increasingly for private individuals too, websites have become essential tools for achieving success.

Having your website professionally designed and coded can cost you hundreds of dollars or more. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great looking website of your own without a hefty investment. There are many free website makers that you can use to create a personal page or even a simple yet effective business website. To help you choose, we’ve reviewed several free web site builders and came up with the following top five.


Weebly is a free website builder that boasts over 8 million clients. Among the top features of Weebly, we can mention the easy to use drag-and-drop page editor, multimedia features (slideshows, galleries, and video integration), free hosting, and great support. So what’s the catch? There isn’t any – Weebly doesn’t have a paid version, nor it plasters annoying banners on your carefully designed page.

You can opt for one of the hundreds of themes and color schemes offered by Weebly, or you can design yourself from scratch. There’s no need to know any programming or other nitty-gritty stuff. Working with Weebly is as easy as editing a Word document. For these reasons, Weebly makes the first spot on our list of free website makers.


With Doodlekit, you get the intuitive site editor that you would expect from a free web site builder, along with some interesting features oriented towards advanced users. Therefore, Doodlekit is a great choice for businesses and professionals that want to get the most out of their Internet presence, without breaking the bank.

Don’t let the advanced features scare you, though. Doodlekit is still super easy to use, even for non-technical users. The service makes it simple to design and update a simple site, and you can quickly add a blog or a RSS feed to make your website more dynamic. For its ease of use and advanced features, we highly recommend the Doodlekit free website maker.


uCoz is an ad-supported free website maker, but you can get rid of the ads if you opt for the premium versions, that start at only $3.09 per month. uCoz lets you attach your own domain and email addresses to your site, even in the free version. Businesses will love this feature, as well as the technical support and unlimited traffic.

uCoz boasts more features than other free website builders do. However, if you plan to run an e-shop you’ll have to sign up for the $5.49 Business plan. To wrap it up, uCoz is a great option, for both private users and small businesses.


DevHub, the fourth entry on our list, differs from the other top free website makers through the fact that it offers a simple method of making money with your website. In fact, DevHub boasts over 40 integrated monetization options, and all you need to do is create the content of the website. You can also import the content from other platforms, such as WordPress or Tumblr, so it’s easy to make the move to DevHub.

To get started with DevHub, select what type of website you plan to create, a business page or a blog. Next, use the simple website editor to create a site that suits your tastes. You can have a great site in literally minutes, and the best part, you can start making money out of it just as quick.


Webs is a powerful website builder that offers several paid versions along with a free ad-supported plan. The free version offers more than 300 templates that you can edit with the point and click editor. With Webs, you get free hosting, but the free version is rather limited, as it only provides 500 MB of bandwidth.

You get however, video storage, a free mobile site, and other goodies, making Webs a nice alternative to paid competitors. If you’re willing to accept the ads, Webs may be a good option, especially if you target a mobile audience.

These are our top picks for the best free website makers. Choose one and get your site online today, no cash required!