When it comes to marketing campaigns, a lot of big organizations rely heavily on emails that are sent to their target audience. But before sending out emails to clients, you need to preview them first because email protocols are not efficient enough. Different email clients on various devices display emails using their own standards. The result is often an email with unpredictable and dissociated appearance reaching the inboxes of your customers and prospects. That said, you need to test and preview your emails rigorously.

There are lots of useful email testing software and services that are loaded with awesome features, and come in varying sizes and pricing plans. These tools let you preview your emails in different environments and inboxes so you can get an idea of how they’d appear.

To help you out, here are some handy premium tools and resources to get you started. Check them out and see which one works best for you and your business.



Inbox Preview 


Campaign Monitor’s Inbox Preview is an affordable email previewing service that lets you preview your email on over 20 different email clients, including desktop, Web, and mobile. It also features rigorous spam testing, a no-image view, and testing on various browsers. Trusted by more than 400,000 companies, this tool lets you use all of its features for a one-time payment once you start your email marketing campaign.


IBM Email Optimization


Formerly known as Unica Email Optimization, this service lets you design and measure the efficiency of your emails. Apart from previewing emails in different environments (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, etc.), this email optimization service also lets you know if your IPs are blacklisted on any of the email servers. What’s more, you can test how the images in your email will appear at the receiving end.




Designing emails can be tricky. Good thing there’s Litmus. With this email testing service, you can preview your emails across 30+ email clients and devices in just minutes. With it, you can see how your message looks in the preview pane, and you can choose to turn images on or off. You’ll also have access to spam filter testing and email analytics, among many others.




This easy-to-use tool is presented with a quick 3-step guide for its email simulation feature. The complete software package comes with email creation, optimization, and analytics. Besides the email preview feature, this tool will also help you determine the quality score for your email contents, automatic messaging, and more.


Email on Acid


Email on Acid is a popular and powerful email testing and previewing software that lets you preview your emails on more than 110 combinations of email clients and mobile devices. It also comes with a spam testing feature so you can identify which emails go to the spam folder; and code analysis to check the support of email clients for each line of code. You can also benefit from Email on Acid’s library of useful tips and tricks where they address bugs and other issues.




This email premium email testing and previewing service takes real screenshots of your emails in various email clients, both on desktop and mobile. It then stores them in a central database, ensuring that no data is lost. You can preview your email in more than 19 different desktop email apps, 25 web apps, and 4 mobile apps.


Inbox Inspector


Inbox Inspector by MailChimp lets you compose an email and create campaigns by sending your message via MailChimp, using a provided email address. You don’t have to log in, and you can preview your email before sending it out to your clients. What’s more, it allows you to do A/B testing to test the day, time of day, and the most effective subject line that could grab the attention of your target audience. On top of these, it sends emails automatically based on time zones.




This email service software provides email testing and rendering solutions to email marketers. It helps you determine the exact status of your email, whether it’s delivered successfully into the inbox, rejected, or received in the junk folder. The software comes built with an email verifier which will make your mailing lists ISP-friendly, alongside real-time blacklist monitoring of IP addresses at different email servers.


Lyris HQ


Lyris HQ is a cloud-based online marketing solution that brings together enterprise-level interactive messaging capabilities to automate customer engagement on various email clients and digital channels. It lets you quickly and easily create engaging content, automate multiple complex campaigns at the same time, and interact with your clients and prospects more efficiently using personalized and targeted messaging. Advanced reporting and tracking features provide real-time insight in your campaign’s performance, while behavior-based analytics at an individual customer level informs you of the targeting and timeliness of your emails so you can maximize relevancy, response, and revenue!

Test Your Newsletter: Handy Tools and Resources to Help You Out0Jennifer Sandra2015-04-15 02:36:35When it comes to marketing campaigns, a lot of big organizations rely heavily on emails that are sent to their target audience. But before sending out…