Just last week, our favourite witty and cunning witch, Emma Watson publicly announced that she got the role of being a Disney princess in the new upcoming live-action Beauty and The Beast. People have been saying she was born to play the role of Belle. She has the same qualities as the character in real life. Both Emma and Belle love to read, firm and unswerving on their ideals, and as lovely as a rose. People are openly expressing how excited they are for the new film. However, there is another craze going on around the area. Since we already have Emma Watson as Belle, people are enthusiastically eager to know who could be the perfect Beast for Emma Watson.

Hollywood is in a great mayhem on figuring out who could have the role of Beast. The choices for potential actors are limitless! There are over a hundred young and hot actors in Hollywood that narrowing them down gives you a migraine. For starters, here is a list of the famous actors who might grab the spot in being Emma’s prince.

Kit Harrington

We have seen his exemplary acting skills for playing Jon Snow in one of the world’s most renowned TV Series, Game of Thrones. His jet black curly hair, manly beard and dark soulful eyes would perfectly match Beast’s description. We have seen how he struggled as a warrior, for sure he will be able to portray more of this if he gets the role of The Beast.

Robert Pattinson

Let’s just say he’s into indie film lately. However, since Bill Condon is directing the film, Robert might have a good chance of getting the spot. Both Robert and Bill worked together in the previous Twilight movie.

Jake Gyllenhaal

This one already has the “Prince” vibe in him. Being the Prince of Persia, what more does he need to become the prince in a castle filled with magical talking and singing teapots, furniture and candle holders? Jake was forced to drop out of the recent musical film of Into the Woods as the younger Prince who was supposed to be with Rapunzel. Maybe he was not meant to become Rapunzel’s prince and redeem himself to become Belle’s prince instead.

Tom Hardy

He may be way older than Emma but isn’t it how it should be? Beast was in the castle for longer than we know. This actor is not only hot and is known for some of his action films like This Means War, he also has a good foundation and background in theatre arts! As a matter of fact, he received few awards when he was in Theatre.

Alex Pettyfer

Wouldn’t it be advantageous for the filmmakers to get Alex as The Beast? He already played as The Beast in one of the movie adaptation of the said Disney fairy tale, “Beastly”. If he shared good chemistry with Vanessa Anne Hudgens, wouldn’t you love to know if he will be able to share the same chemistry with Emma Watson?

So watch out for more updates and see if our choices make it to getting the role! Relive your childhood memories in this live-action version of one of the famous Disney fairy tales.

Famous Choices for Being Belle’s The Beast0Jennifer Sandra2015-01-22 05:00:15Just last week, our favourite witty and cunning witch, Emma Watson publicly announced that she got the role of being a Disney princess in the new upco…