Mark Zuckerberg had never thought in his wildest dreams that the phenomenon he is creating for Harvard’s students to stay in touch with their pals, will grow so exponentially. Recent statistics have shown that Facebook has moved way beyond its original intended use and has become one of the most powerful business networking and marketing tools.

This article is for the girls and guys who are not still convinced that facebook offers a great potential that can help them in growing their business by marketing it to new destinations and reaching new business contacts. I will be sharing with you guys some reasons why you should be taking Facebook a lot more seriously when it comes to the growth of your business.

Evolution from Social to Professional

The most obvious reason behind the evolution of facebook from a social medium to a professional networking site is the fact that those college kids who were the earliest users of facebook when its sole purpose was socializing with one’s pals have grown up and have become professionals. As they are already at home with the facebook and in fact addicted to it, it will suit them to tailor it to their professional needs and contact people that are related to their businesses.

The dilemma that facebook and many other such networking sites have created, is that you can’t really differentiate between social and professional networking. If one draws a strict line between them then he or she may end up losing potential clients or opportunities for business. By being careful about the type and amount of personal information you share, you can perfectly use facebook for your business purposes.

Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Facebook

It can be Your Free Marketing Tool

Page application is one of the many applications of Facebook that can help you in marketing your products and services and promote what you do. But you will have to familiarize yourself with them first, which might take some time. You don’t really require to master all of them so just keep your focus on the few that you really require for your job.

It Provides Unmatchable Exposure

One of the things that makes Facebook an unbeatable business tool is its great potential for exposure. It can help you in increasing the visibility of your company greatly if you know how to use it consistently and strategically. It gives you an opportunity to provide insights, tips and advices and to post comments on your contact’s pages. What this all will do is earn you and your company credibility and respect of the community.

It Will Improve Your Google Ranking

If you really want your business to shine then you will have to pay a lot of attention to its Google ranking. Facebook cannot improve your Google ranking all by itself but it can certainly help you in doing it. Facebook through its “Pages” application allows you to create a professional profile for your business, services and products. Here you can include a link to your website or any other reference link
which can help you in getting a better Google ranking.

It allows targeted Ad Space

Facebook allows you to create ads and then target them among a specific gender, age group and/or location. Facebook also allows you to track the performance of your ads.


Facebook has something for everyone. If a business want to use it for networking with related people or promote itself and its products and services then it has enough tools to help it in doing that. With its exponential growth and the user interest, ignoring Facebook will not be a wise move on behalf of any business. Hope this has helped in making up your mind, next time I will be sharing with you people some nice little tips that can help you in creating a wonderful facebook page for your business and then promoting it to your targeted viewers. Do leave a comment if you like this article or if you have a question regarding it.