If your company uses Twitter, there are many good applications that can be used to enhance your business activities. Trendsmap is a great example of this – an application that can monitor trends in your industry based on real time Tweets.

Trendsmap can be used to track local news and events, media coverage, and relevant business news in your industry. It can also be used to identify current and future trends in your industry, to find other people’s opinions, and to expand your business network by connecting with people through Twitter.

Trendsmap provides a cool visual presentation of the most relevant real time Tweets that are occurring based on your user profile location.

Here are some useful tips on how to use Trendsmap effectively for your business:

Find Popular Topics

  • Tweets shown on the map vary in color – the Tweets that display in darker colors and in bigger font on the Trendsmap belong to the more popular topics. You can turn to Trendsmap for guidance on how to view hot topics around the world and to display Tweets for specific locations.

Drill down on Information

Click on the Tweet topics displayed in the map and drill down on a topic that grabs your attention to read the latest tweets about that subject. The filter function can be used to find topics based on your own keywords or search terms.

Specify your Location

  • Trendsmap uses Google’s geolocation software to display Tweets taking into account your location. The application provides a global, regional or city view. Trendsmap works best when more detailed information is provided about your location, e.g. your location specified by city and country.
  • Tweet real time information may not be as accurate if a location is too broad, so giving your city location is a good idea. Note that if you live in a location with low volume activity, then Tweets from this location may not show up on the map.

Navigate Your Way

  • Tweets are displayed all over the map for a wide range of topics. Try using the zoom function to zoom in and out on various Tweets, and to find topics that are of interest to your business.

If you are already using Twitter for your business, consider using Trendsmap as part of your arsenal of Twitter applications. I like Trendsmap for its visual appeal and because it can provide a snapshot view of the latest trends in your industry or on a topic quickly and easily, but with the ability to drill down to get more detail. Find out what’s hot in your industry on Trendsmap!