Once you have established an online presence for your business, you may be contemplating the merits of adding a blog to your website. A blog or weblog usually has the characteristics of being personal in nature, based on a particular subject, and published in chronological order. These days, blogging has become a powerful medium and is well utilized by many businesses as a marketing and communication tool.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to have a blog on your company website:

Your Industry

I have seen some excellent ways in which blogs are utilized on company websites for different industries. One example is a business website Stacks and Stacks selling homeware products with a blog containing useful information for customers about keeping clutter under control. Another is a book publishing company AbeBooks whose website has an interesting blog with the latest news about the release of new books, as well as rants and raves about the book world.

Personal Touch

Potential customers may be turned off if your business comes across as too formal or impersonal. A blog can help to add a personal dimension to your business and reassure customers that they are dealing with people, not corporations. There is always a face and personality behind any business – and a blog is a great way to allow your own unique character to shine through.

Social Media Tools

If you have a Twitter profile, a company blog will provide some meaty content on your website to Tweet about. Armed with both a blog on your company website and a Twitter profile, you have a couple of handy tools that you can use to attract the attention of prospective customers. Try to get into the habit of tweeting your blog posts each week, and start to build up a list of followers – over time you can turn a number of these followers into clients.

Content is King

Having a blog provides regular content for your website. Many ecommerce businesses lack adequate content on their website and do not go beyond having basic pages such as an About Us page, contact details, and a products and services page. Ecommerce businesses will have an online catalog for their products, but again may lack any other substantial content on their website.

Visitor Attraction

Writing blog posts that are relevant and on topic to your business is a good way to attract visitors to your website, and to gain favor with the search engines. If you optimize your blog posts correctly for the search engines, this will increase the likelihood of visitors finding your website through organic listings.

Be the Expert

Providing useful information or tips on your blog will help to strengthen your position in the market. It will also allow prospective customers get a sense for your expertise in a subject area, and is another great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. A blog is a perfect way to allow potential customers to become familiar with your company in a entertaining manner – the more they know about your company, the more comfortable they will feel about doing business with you.

Distribute News Quickly

Blogs are a great way to disseminate information quickly and easily. If you are about to release a new product, then write a blog post about the distinguishing features of this keenly awaited item. Blogs allows you to add a fun and creative touch – your website doesn’t all have to be boring company speak.

As you can see from the above benefits, it is well worth taking the time to establish a blog on your company website. It is an excellent addition to your toolbox of innovative ways to win over your customers.