The bottom line is that your business is missing out if it is not taking advantage of social media to reach out to its customers and other businesses.

One social media channel that continues to escalate in popularity and gain constant media attention is none other than Facebook, the personal networking site. But Facebook is rapidly becoming an opportunity for companies to increase their profits as well!

Why use Facebook for your business? Here are a few good reasons in case you’re not convinced. Facebook has provided some quick statistics on its company:

  • It currently has more than 150 million active users;
  • There are over 900 million objects including pages, groups, events and community pages that people interact with in Facebook.
  • There are more than 30 billion pieces of content on Facebook – i.e. web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, and photos that are shared each month by users;
  • Facebook is widening its reach into new countries. It opened up shop in India last month, with more than 8 million new users enjoying the social application;
  • Facebook is still expanding its features – it launched its location based social networking service “Places” last month. With the weight of Facebook behind it, Places is sure to give competitors FourSquare and Gowalla a run for their money.

Getting Started

Here are some things you can do to get your business off to a flying start on Facebook:

Create a Thriving Community on Fan Page

Set up a Fan Page to establish your business presence. Creating a Fan Page will provide your business with the opportunity to let Facebook users know what your business is about and to create a thriving community for your business.

What does your Wall say about your Business?

Create a Wall on Facebook and interact by publishing regular comments and interacting with users who post on your wall. It’s like a collage of what your business does – sharing interesting news and snippets, and reporting on the activities of your company.

Upload photos and videos to Facebook to showcase your activities and tell others what your business is about. If you have a local “bricks and mortar” business, then publish interesting photos of your shopfront or products that you sell.

Providing a channel for commenting is an easy way to generate feedback from your customers about their likes and dislikes for your products.

Lead Generation

Facebook is also useful for lead generation. Create an opt in box on your Fan Page, so that subscribers can opt in to receive a free report or other special offerings from your business.

Be Personal

Facebook thrives on the social element and frequent interactions amongst users. People are interested to know the people behind a business. Consider posting photos of yourself and staff members to highlight the human face of your company.

It’s about your Brand

Have a clear strategy about why your business is using Facebook.

Some of the popular reasons why businesses use Facebook include the following:

  • to increase recognition of their brand;
  • to engage with others about what their business does;
  • to obtain feedback from their customers in a easy, informal manner;
  • to expand business networks and connect with other businesses for future partnering arrangements;
  • to show the human side of their company by having fun on the Internet through a popular social medium.

Add Facebook to your Website

Add Facebook to your site by installing a suitable Facebook plugin on your website. That way, customers who arrive on your website or blog will know that they can visit  your business on Facebook.

User engagement is the key to using Facebook to successfully promote your business. You’ll be missing out on crucial customer leads if your business doesn’t have a Facebook presence. Don’t miss out on the business marketing opportunity of a lifetime!

Please share your experiences about how your business uses Facebook.