Free Email solution for Small Businesses
Howdy everybody – you might think looking at the title above, that what’s the big deal with a free email account, I can get one from Hotmail or Yahoo. Well, you can but not for your own domain and not FREE. This is where Google Apps, comes in. Google Apps is a fantastic offering from Google. Like most things Google, its 100% FREE. Oh well, the standard edition of Google Apps is, 100% FREE gmail like email for your business. What this means is that you can take your own domain name, say, go to Google Apps website & get a Gmail account that will have an address, [email protected] Trust me although Google Apps has really caught up and a lot of people already know about it, I still feel that a majority of small businesses are still paying for their email hosting.

Free Email Hosting, Free Email for Small Businesses

As of 10th May 2011, Google will give you the ability to create upto, 50 users and from 10th may onwards; Google will cap its standard FREE edition to 10 users max. There were good times when Google initially started Google Apps, and the early adopters got up to 1000 users on their FREE Standard Google Apps account. I am the lucky few, who dared to request more users from Google & Google just gave 1000 of them to me. Not that I expect my business to expand to 1000 users, but not having that extra stress of what am I going to do with my email if I employ more people, is a good thing.

Here are the top 5 features of FREE email for Small Businesses, via Google Apps

You get 7.5gb and counting of storage, the same as Gmail for your business domain or your personal.

  • Google Apps Standard Edition includes
  • Gmail
  • Contacts
  • Google Docs (with 1 Gb storage)
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Sites
  • gTalk
  • Google Wave
  • Blogger
  • Google Groups
  • Picasa (with 1 Gb storage – with an option to increase storage)

Apart from these services, you get access to over 60 additional applications from Google right away, like Google Books, Google Analytics etc. for your domain.
Standard Edition is limited to 50 users per domain till 10th May and 10 FREE users from then on.
Premier Edition throws in unlimited users with 25 GB per-user storage/user, and additional user controls and tech support; & will set you back $50 per user per year.

Check out to calculate the saving and an over view of all features from Google. Switch to Google Apps now, that’s the best IT decision you will make. Look professional and use a professional product. Never hand out your business card with you email address as [email protected], that’s the most unprofessional business card I have ever seen.

If you are a sole proprietorship or a one-man army or a husband wife company, or self employed, there is still no better way to have you FREE Business email from Google Apps. Forget, being a business, if you wanna look cool and have your own email address, like [email protected], simply register your domain, it will cost you less than $10/year from & do a one time setup of your Google Apps. From then on, you will always have a FREE customized email and look flashy, every time you hand out your email to your friends.

If you ever need help in setting up Google Apps for you, check out our services section and shoot us an email. we can help for a nominal fee.