Every Professional needs a showcase of their projects for the satisfaction of their future clients. So, Portfolio website is one of the best way to promote your skills online. If you have design skills, time and money then the best way is to design a website featuring your projects for your future clients. But if you are looking for free and easy to go solution then i must suggest the free online portfolio community sites. There are hundreds of free online tools where you can build your portfolio with no cost and time. In this article i mention 11 of these free online portfolio creation websites. Hope you will find them useful.


Bleidu is for anyone to use, especially any creative professional such as an Creative Artist, Graphic Designer,Developer, Photographer, Fashion Model, Animator , Painter, Upcoming Model, Fashion Designer, etc…and more to upload there data and get an online portfolio in no time.

2.Carbon Made:

Carbon Made is an online community for hosting free portfolio for almost everyone having the following features.


  • Simple to use.
  • Easy on the eyes.
  • A hassle-free online portfolio.
  • No HTML necessary.
  • Chock-full of features.
  • Proven aphrodisiac.


Coroflot is the largest, most established, most diverse pool of professional creative portfolios in the world. Since going live in 1998, Coroflot has grown to host over 1.4 million images of creative work, from the portfolios of over 150,000 creative professionals and students from nearly every country on earth. Coroflot users are industrial, graphic, fashion, interior, textile and interaction designers; 3D modeling and rendering specialists; architects, illustrators, art directors, design managers, and dozens of other disciplines.

4.Design Related:

They are a community site with portfolio, inspiration, and news tools that brings together creative people from different disciplines (and parts) of the design and art world. The design:related community serves to motivate designers and creatives to share their work and visual ideas, network and collaborate with other creatives, and find job opportunities.


Flickr is home to over five billion of the world’s photos. You can upload your project images here as a showcase for your clients with a description.

6.Folio HD:

Folio HD is a simple way to create an online portfolio. They have packed it with all the features you ever wanted. You should really give it a try.


Portfoliopen.com helps you create and manage your online portfolio website. Designed especially for designers, Portfoliopen.com has a user-friendly interface with features that help you create a professional looking portfolio in minutes — without any HTML or programming. No matter who you are — a web designer, artist, illustrator or a photographer, Portfoliopen.com is the best way to organize and showcase your work.

8.Portfolios Friend:

Portfolios Friend is The finest art & design inspiration showcase online. Styles range from fine art and graphic design, to photography and illustration. Portfolio’s Friend does not display the work of others, only links to the artist’s website with a thumbnail of their work.

9.Professional On The Web:

Professional on the Web is a fresh directory where any professional can list their profiles and easily manage showcase of their projects portfolio. After signing up you can complete your profile using in_place_editors and you can arrange projects and tags by drag&drop.


Whether you’re a photographer, graphic or web designer, illustrator, writer, videographer, or developer, you’re going to need a portfolio. That’s where they come in. Get your free online portfolio and connect with employers. Shown’D aims to provide users with a centralized hub to maintain a portfolio and secure employment. their powerful tools and clean design makes sure to keep the focus on the artist and their vision.

11.Style Portfolios:

Style Portfolios is the premier online portfolio resource for the fashion-related industries. An online portfolio with Style Portfolios will allow you to communicate your talent in a quick, cost effective manner. With the click of a mouse, potential employers will be able to see your designs and learn about about the skills that make you unique.