Link building is important for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes – to help improve the rankings of your site in the search engines.

The ability to attract high quality links will go a long way towards building your site’s authority, and making your site a popular one that attracts a lot of visitors.

One useful link building method is termed linkbaiting – this is the art of creating content that catches the attention of the reader, and makes them to want to link to your website. It requires skill and practice to craft a good linkbait title.

If you write articles or blog posts on your website, or post to social media sites and bookmarking services, then you’ll know that eye catching headings are a crucial component of your post.  The quality of the heading can make or break the popularity of an article.

Hop on to Delicious, Digg or StumbleUpon and take a look at the most popular articles, noting the types of headings that the most popular articles have used. This will give you a feel for an eye catching title, and get your creative juices flowing to create some good headings of your own.

If your heading doesn’t catch the attention of your readers and subscribers, then the chances are slim that they will take the time to read the rest of your article.

What’s in a Good Heading?

A good heading in your article should achieve the following:

  • Be easy to understand;
  • Have the ability to grab the readers’ attention;
  • Make the reader want to read more of the article;
  • Make them curious about what you have to say in your article;
  • Arouse interest in the topic;
  • Provide an indication that your article will be informative and be of value to readers.

Wow! That’s a lot for just one title!

As you can imagine, writing attention grabbing headings isn’t always easy, so here are some tried and tested templates for catchy linkbait titles. Just fill in the blanks for the subject that you are writing about.

Ten Secrets to ……

How to …….

Have you ever wondered why ……

Best tips on how to…….

The Perfect Solution to …….

Get your  …. Quickly and Easily with …..

Why I decided to …….

Don’t buy until you ……

How to find……

Top reasons why ……..

Nine different Ways that …….

Top Ten Facts about ……….

How a Beginner ……….

How not to …………….

In summary, when writing linkbait titles keep in mind the following:

Attract the Readers’ Attention

Your linkbait title should attract the attention of the reader and make want them to keep reading. Posting informative and entertaining articles with good link bait titles will help to attract visitors to your site and to build up the number of repeat visitors. These visitors will hopefully be interested to opt in to your newsletter or to subscribe to your RSS feed so that they can come back and visit your site to read other articles. Once you have caught the readers’ attention with a good title, make sure that you provide an informative or entertaining article for them to read that lives up to the promise of the title.

Write SEO Friendly Articles

Your linkbait title should ideally also be optimized for the search engines. This can be achieved by incorporating the keyword in the title of your article. Research suitable keywords using a keyword research tool such as the Google Keywords Tool or Market Samurai to find out the popular terms that people are searching for in your industry.

Have fun creating linkbait titles for articles and blog posts for your website and for social media and bookmarking sites. You should start to reap the rewards of your hard work when your linkbait goes viral, and attracts a stream or torrent of traffic and visitors to your site.