Step One: Collecting External Data

After you submit a web hosting company for review, we aggregate information about the company using credible data sources. For any one review, these data sources may include:

  1. Our Unique HostReview ProcessThe hosting company’s official website
  2. Facebook mentions
  3. Twitter mentions
  4. Documentation on technologies employed by the hosting company
  5. Google Scholar Document Search
  6. Google Insights and other search volume aggregators
  7. General consensus among published reviews of the company.

Step Two: Acquiring Internal Data

We may purchase a hosting account from the company under review. This account is used for testing purposes. The editor may keep a diary of his/her experience, including:

  1. Sign up process (was it easy? Were unsavory tactics used?
  2. Account set up (was it instant or delayed? Easy or not?)
  3. Domain and website setup (did the domain resolve quickly? Did they have 1-click installers for WordPress and other CMS platforms?)
  4. Control Panel Features and UX/Usability Testing
  5. Customer Service Testing (phone, email and chat window… are staff friendly and knowledgable? Proactive in solving problems?)
  6. Website Reliability and Performance Monitoring (does the host have uptime/downtime issues? How fast does our site load? etc)
  7. Additional factors may be relevant for any particular host (virtual machine management for cloud VPS solutions, for example)

Step Three: Making A Decision

We rate based on value, reliability, features and performance.Our goal is to help visitors learn enough about a hosting company to make their own decision about signing up. By the third step of our unique review process, we have enough information to present to visitors in keeping with our goal to help them.

In each hosting review, we present data as well as the personal opinion of the editor who was responsible for the review. The editor may recommend this hosting company for a particular use/application, or may recommend staying away from them if we encountered serious issues during data aggregation and account testing.

Step Four: Review Is Posted, Visitors Share Comments

Finally, the review is ready for posting in the Hosting Reviews section. Now, our valued visitors submit feedback about the host. We encourage all visitors to submit their experiences with the hosting companies reviewed.

It’s our firm belief that the power of a hosting review lies in recent feedback from real people who have been customers (or currently are customers) of that web hosting company.

If you’re ready to submit a web hosting company for review, please fill out our Host Submission Form.

Lastly, to ask a question about our review process, please contact our team.