Are you split testing to boost conversions, signups and sales?

If you use paid traffic to get visitors and customers, there are plenty of split testing methods available, since you don’t have to keep your urls the same.

But what if your trafic comes from rankings in search engines? Many split testing tools want to use two urls… and I don’t want visitors being redirected. What if Googlebot gets redirected from my homepage to /split-test/ ? Not good for SEO.

So for a long time, I’ve been struggling when it comes to testing the effectiveness of my websites’ funnels, sales pages, information pages, landing pages, and homepages.

Is one small thing destoying your sales? Let’s find out!

Brainstorm: It could be an image that confuses their brains somehow. It could be a headline. Test results almost always tend to be surprising as Carl found out when he tested his ab workout sales page and a video.

Does This Smiling Girl Make You Hit The X?

I wonder if the smiling girl picture on the homepage of webhostingbillboard makes people want to leave, or if they feel good and want to read more…

Let’s do a test. I found an app called Visual Website Optimizer, which claims to make split testing pages easy. I didn’t believe that because:

  • Every split testing app I’ve seen before this was hard to set up
  • I assumed visitors would be redirected to different urls, like /variation1/ vs /variation2/
  • I was worried split testing could hurt my SEO

Since Visual Website Optimizer offers a free trial for 30 days, I gave it a try. Here’s how it went:

Watch This Short Video – See How To Split Test Easily

I was gonna write up a step by step guide, but this video sums it up. In fact, I signed up right after I watched the video. It was one of those ah-ha moments!

Visual Website Optimizer is run by Wingify. They have over 4,000 customers.

What do you use for split testing? Share your comments below!