If your blog contains great content, but there are no visitors to read it, comment on it or share it, is it really a great blog? The bottom line is, your blog needs a loyal audience in order to truly be great. How do you build these connections from scratch? Many new bloggers find trying to establish connections a bit intimidating. That’s why we’re here to share our expertise.

Building Real Connections for a Successful Blog

Since you’re starting from scratch, the first question you need to ask is, “Who is your potential audience?” Knowing the answer to this question from the beginning will help you target the correct market. Here are a few suggestions:

Who is your target audience?

  • Make various assumptions about who you believe your target audience is, and what they’re searching for online.
  • Begin to do a little research to gather more information about your target market. Use that information to gain more knowledge about what types of solutions they’re seeking.
  • Be prepared to make regular evaluations. If necessary, change your target audience to suit your solution.
  • ·         Make a list of other sites that are similar to yours. Research some of the things their audiences are searching for, talking about, commenting on, sharing, etc… Make changes to the type of content you write based on the needs of these audiences, as well as your own.

What’s important to your target audience?

When it comes to content, you should blog about what you know. Allow your industry expertise to shine with valuable content that your target audience will appreciate. One great way to figure out what type of content your audience may be interested in is to study the competition.

For the following, you’ll be studying your list of similar sites that you created above:

  • ·         What type of content has worked will for your competition? Follow these various blogs in order to stay up-to-date with the type of content they publish regularly. Pay close attention to posts that gain followers, comments and shares.
  • ·         Also, ask yourself the following questions in order to evaluate the competitors’ sites you like best:
    • ·         What is it about he site that you like so much?
    • What various resources do they use in order to research their content?
    • What matters to you, personally, when you decide to make an online decision? For example, clicking on “buy now”, “read more”, “watch this video”, etc… Evaluate what makes you follow “calls to action”, and incorporate that into your content.

Build Connections on Social Networks

Connect with your audience on Facebook and other social networks. Also, be sure to connect with your competitors as well. This helps you to build successful connections with other industry leaders, as well as their target audience.

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