Or is it?

Let’s look at is from the average online marketer’s point of view.

Buying a site and investing in a domain name gets you in the immediate position of also creating an online marketing campaign or paying somebody to create it for you.

90% of the affiliate marketers make the huge mistake of expecting a huge amount of cash the very few days after they have launched a marketing campaign and they are very frustrated when the campaign generates more spam alerts than continuous revenue.

We all believe that once we start our business online the market will welcome our product, whether that product is a concept, strategy or merchandise, with wide open arms and a general public ready to buy it.

It is not exactly so. The web market is indeed huge and the way it is approached daily by a multitude of eager developers makes it look like uncharted waters for somebody looking at it for the first time.

Here comes the fair part.

If you want to sell something, you either need to come up with something completely new or develop a completely new approach.

Of course that your product is not necessarily unique but think your strategy so it will look like one of the kind.

The secret is branding yourself before you brand the product. Look at yourself, the seller, like you look at the most expensive merchandise you would buy if you could afford it and set that image as a target.

If something seems to you irresistible because of the price or the idea that it is sold along with that price, be sure that once applied that exact type of strategy your product will sell itself.

The bottom line is that before you launch your stuff – and by stuff consider anything that one can possibly sell online- launch yourself.

Look at your name, your business name, your organization the way you look at a famous brand currently leading the business charts.

Keep in mind that perseverance and a drop of creativity can make your business come alive and be known. Being known like a fair trade and having behind a good name will get you more sales than any black hat strategy you could possibly go for.

Remember when creating you name that this is the name that will bring you the steady dependable income you so long for.

Wouldn’t you want it to look its best?