Znet is a domain name and web hosting provider based in India. Their services focus Windows and Linux hosting, SSL certificates, domain name selling and dedicated hosting. A nice feature in their offering is that the customer can customize the package according to their own unique needs.

The Hosting Package

Znet offers unmetered web hosting packages starting at around $4.40 per month or 199 Indian Rupees. This includes unlimted web space, bandwidth, email accounts, databases, their 1Click script installer with a 24/7 technical support staff. They have other packages for high performance dedicated servers (starting at $221.00 per month or 9999 Indian Rupees) and SSL certificates (starting at $26.60 or 1203 Indian Rupees).

What’s Great About Znet?

Here are the top reasons why users choose Znet as their web hosting partner:

    • Value for the money

Znet’s servers are up to par with the more expensive hosting solutions providers, minus the hefty tag price. Most web developers who aim to establish a web service for either personal or start up business find this combination attractive.

    • Network and Server performance

Znet’s network performance is good enough for personal and small business use. servers rarely go down and they make it easy for the administrators to manage the service by providing an easy to use Domain Management tool.

    • Convenience of having unlimited domains

One of the most convenient things to have is not having to worry about needing new domains for your web services. With an unlimited domain registration facility, you just need to focus on making your service as usable as possible, without thinking of the domain costs.

    • Reliability

Znet is quite reliable with not too much downtimes reported. This is key for users who want to provide a stable service for their end-users.

What’s Disappointing About Znet?

&#10006 Technical support staff

Znet’s sales team gives a positive experience to their prospective customers but Znet needs to improve their after-sales support team. Promptness in email replies is a consistent issue, as well as the over-all knowledge of the technical support staff.

&#10006 Occasional uploading issues

While Znet’s performance in terms of the stability of their server is one of their top qualities, there have been reports of difficulty in putting up a site. Uploading issues (which sometimes need to be resolved by their technical support staff) have been reported by quite a number of their users.

The Bottomline

Znet provides a reliable service for the price that they are asking for. If you don’t mind sub-par customer service in exchange for a reputable server, then Znet is a good candidate for your web hosting solutions partner.