WT Web Services is a team that focuses on providing shared hosting packages, as well as some web design services for Linux users. They accept payments online and use cPanel as their control panel interface.

The Hosting Package

The Basic hosting package will cost you $42 per year and it comes with 1000 MB disk space and 2000 MB bandwidth with 10 email accounts, 2 FTP accounts and 2 MySQL databases. The Economy hosting package costs $59.40 a year for the 2000 MB disk space and 4000 MB bandwidth plus 15 email accounts, 5 FTP accounts and 3 MySQL databases. The Deluxe package will cost you $119.40 per year for the 5000 MB disk space, 8000 MB bandwidth, 25 email accounts, 15 FTP accounts and 15 MySQL databases. Lastly, their Premium package costs $179.40 a year for the 8000 MB disk space and 10000 MB bandwidth and it comes with 100 email accounts, 30 FTP accounts and 30 MySQL databases.

What’s Great About WT Web Services?

    • Affordable Packages

WT Web services have affordable packages for both the startup and enterprise users. Not many hosting providers cater to a broader side of the market and giving affordable packages, whether you will use them for personal or business use, is a great thing to have.

    • Free Setup

Setup comes for free – whether you are transferring from another hosting provider or setting up your web service for the first time. Other hosting companies charge for this kind of service but with WT Web, there are no hidden charges. You just need to pay for the package that you initially signed up for.

    • Uses cPanel

cPanel makes admin work so much easier. It is a good thing that WT Web Services uses cPanel as their control panel interface. For those who already know how to use cPanel, this means no more learning curve when you move on to WT Web Services.

    • Varied Packages

Their packages cater to both the startup and the enterprise users. From the more affordable to the still affordable for the value in it packages. This means that if your service expands while you are with WT Web Services, then you can just simply upgrade your package and you do not need to look elsewhere.

What’s Disappointing About WT Web Services?

&#10006 No Support for Windows

For those who are using Windows for their web application, you will be disappointed to know that you have to look for another service provider out there. WT Web services, as of publishing time, is an all-Linux offering.

&#10006 No Actual User Reviews

Look around the forums and elsewhere in the Internet and you will not see blatant attacks on WT Web services. There are not many positive words, either. The quietness makes you think that no one has tried them in the past couple of months. So unless you are willing to try them out of curiosity, then it might be better to wait for more reviews.

The Bottom Line

Try somebody else first, especially if you want your service to be hosted by someone reputable. The absence of any feedback from WT Web is not reassuring and you might want to avoid this kind of situation whenever possible.