Wizzerdwerks is a young web hosting team aiming to provide more than just the basic shared hosting packages for budding web developers. Their packages and offerings are suited for the emerging web teams that are budget conscious and need a lot of guidance to launch their own separate web services.

The Hosting Package

Wizzerdwerks offers shared web hosting in three different packages, ranging from the starter package to an economy hosting package, all inclusive of free set up and unmetered transfer allowance. For the Basic hosting package, you can get 10,000 MB of disk space for $6.95 a month. The Standard hosting gives you 25,000 MB of disk space for $9.95 a month and the Economy hosting package gives you 100,000 MB of disk space for $14.95 per month. All plans have a minimum commitment of one year.

What’s Great About Wizzerdwerks?

    • Good customer service

Wizzerdwerks prides itself with good customer service, which the company believes is their core strength. True to their word, most customers are happy with how their trouble tickets and concerns are handled. Not only are they fast in answering inquiries but their staff is quite well trained in terms of troubleshooting issues, particularly installation and setup concerns.

    • Affordable plans suitable for the budget-conscious

Wizzerdwerks’ hosting plans are just right for the budget-conscious, budding web developer. The plans are easy on the pocket while armed with a decent amount of storage.

    • Access to web templates and free graphics

To help start up web sites build their own user interface, you can have access to their web site templates and free graphical elements as part of the customer perks. If graphics and UI design is not the core strength of the team, at least you can rely on these elements provided by Wizzerdwerks as a start.

    • Offers 15-day free trial

The free 15-day trial encourages you to try out their service and run speed tests if you think their network speed is up to par. Instead of a money back guarantee, the free trial means you really do not need to shell out a single cent, eliminating the need to process refunds and cancellations just in case you are not happy with the service.

    • Includes the Fantastico Script installer

The Fantastico Script installer is included in every paid Wizzerdwerks package. Other hosting companies offer this as well but with the combination of lower priced packages and the 15 day free trial, the Fantastico script installer is a very nice cherry on the top.

What’s Disappointing About Wizzerdwerks?

&#10006 Not so nice website; disservice to their actual network performance

For a hosting company, it is quite weird that they have a not so handsome website. This can be a turn off for other customers, which is a shame since they have a fairly good reputation and their packages offer good value for the money.

&#10006 No unlimited plans

The absence of unlimited plans can be a negative factor, especially for those who do not want to worry about bandwidth, disk space consumption and the like.

The Bottom line

Overall, Wizzerdwerks is a good choice for starting web teams. The combination of low package prices, free trial and access to a lot of web building tools offers excellent help to new web developers.