WestHost was founded in 1998 and has experienced a great growth in the number of people that they have had the opportunity to serve.

One thing that stands out with WestHost is that each customer is isolated in their own spot on the server through the use of VPS technology.

You can run any software that you wish without having to worry about sharing your precious server resources with others like you have to do with shared web hosting at many other providers.

WestHost is a fabulous choice if you want to be on your own and not share anything with their other customers.

WestHost Price Value

WestHost has a variety of features that they are more than happy to provide their customers with, let’s take a look at what features you can expect to receive from WestHost.

  • Ability to run your own databases.
  • SSL Supported
  • FTP Access
  • The ability to host multiple domains.
  • SPAM & Virus Protection
  • Website Builder
  • Many More Benefits Not Listed Here

Decent Customer Support

You can expect the WestHost staff to be ready to provide you with assistance via live chat, e-mail, and phone 24/7.

They have also compiled an extensive amount of information for their clients who prefer to fix any issues themselves. This is always great to have even if you don’t think you need it.

Site Manager Control Panel

WestHost uses its own control panel strategically named Site Manager.

With Site Manager, you can expect to have the ability to keep track of your bandwidth usage, keep track of your disk space usage, manage your e-mail accounts, manage any domains within your WestHost account, and much more.

The WestHost control panel is easy to use and very organized.

How reliable is WestHost?

Let’s start this off by showing you how reliable the WestHost datacenter is.

The WestHost datacenter has been constructed in order to be able to withstand any earthquakes as well as other natural disasters.

The WestHost datacenter is also powered by an uninterruptable source of power including UPS power units as well as diesel generators that are standing by in case of any mishaps with the power grid which is the main power source for the WestHost datacenter.

All of the previous factors as well as an on-site security team who keeps tabs on what happens at the datacenter at all times combined with an effective fire suppression system tops off the reliability of the WestHost datacenter.

As you can see, the WestHost datacenter has great assets that helps keep the reliability record as good as possible.

The other strategies put into effect for the sake of the reliability of West Host includes high speed network connectivity to multiple network providers, 24/7 server/network monitoring, periodic backups and much more.

As you can see, reliability isn’t overlooked over at WestHost by any means.