WebFree is one of the very few hosting companies that offer completely free services. This service does not come with ads that are quite irritating especially if they are not in line with your product’s core strategy.

The Hosting Package

The free (yes, it is completely free) package gives you 250 MB of disk space with 5 GB monthly traffic. You can have a domain hosted freely plus there are also free domain that you can host with them, for no charge at all. The best thing about this is that there are no forced ads upon signing up. There’s also the Personal package, costing $3.99 per month for the unlimited disk space and monthly traffic plus 2 domains for hosting. You can also have a free domain name plus there’s a money-back guarantee attached to it. There’s the Business plan, which costs $6.99 a month for the same unlimited perks but with unlimited MySQL databases included and unlimited hosting for domains. There’s also the money-back guarantee like in the unlimited/personal package.

What’s Great About WebFree?

    • 30-day money back guarantee

Aside from the unmetered packages, the 30-day money back guarantee option is a great come on since this minimizes risks on the budget conscious users. 30 days is sufficient time to do speed tests on their network and to see if their solution fits your needs.

    • Free setup

The free set up and installation is a great thing to have since you are assured in this section, you will not have hidden charges. At this age where nobody really reads the Terms and Conditions page, items like this is very much appreciated. Free set up and installation makes your transfer process one step easier and one less thing to worry about.

    • Uncensored content

Unlike other hosting providers that censor the content that they host, this team does not do content monitoring. For as long as the company availing of the services is a legally acknowledged company, they are ok with hosting them. This is all good for those who do not want to explain the contents of their websites to any hosting provider.

    • Affordable price

They are one of the lowest priced hosting providers out there, which is why they make a good reseller partner. Their packages are competitively priced, given the inclusions and specifications.

What’s Disappointing About WebFree?

&#10006 Slow customer support response

They can improve much on the training of their customer support staff, not just in speed of the responses but in the quality of their knowledge, as well. Not all start up companies are newbies in the web industry. Some may be working on web sites for several years and took only now to launch their very own service. So the customer support team must be ready for all sorts of customers if they really want to succeed.

&#10006 Frequent downtimes

The frequent downtimes can be a tad too irritating, especially if this is your first time hosting your web service. There are too many service interruptions to count. This is a very bad thing to have unless you are in it for personal reasons. But for budding e-commerce sites, this is a nightmare to have.

The Bottom Line

If you need free hosting, feel free to go with them. But if you are willing to pay, they are still not a bad choice but there are better options out there.