Web leader has been around since 2007, providing affordable web hosting packages. But even if they are young as a team, the founders have more than a decade of web hosting experience. Their biggest plus points are their use of cPanel for the control panel and a 14-day money back guarantee.

The Hosting Package

Shared hosting packages start at $1.95 per month for a year for the 10 GB disk space, 100 GB monthly data traffic, 10 add on domains, 10 MySQL databases and 10 email accounts. There are no SSL, free domains and dedicated IP’s for this package. The Master package costs $2.95 and offers SSL certificates plus 300 GB monthly traffic and 30 add on domains on top of the Beginner package offerings. The Champion package starts at $4.95 per month for the 1250 GB monthly traffic, 100 add on domains, 100 GB of disk space, free domain, SSL certificates and CGI. Lastly, their Leader package costs $6.95 per month for the 300 GB disk space, 3000 GB monthly traffic, 500 add on domains, free domain, SSL certificate, CGI and SSH access.

If you book any of their packages online, you are automatically given a 10% discount.

What’s Great About Web Leader?

    • Online Backup

An online backup system can give you a lot of peace of mind especially if is being done automatically, like how they do it. This gives you fewer worries whenever you do upgrades or maintenance changes since your selected information is stored somewhere. If something happens, at least you know you have a backup.

    • Informative website

This portion of the web service is often taken for granted but without a useful website jam packed with relevant information, then a hosting service will not fly. In their website you can easily spot the promos that they have and the types of packages that you can avail of. The perks are also listed on the home page as well as some snippets of testimonials.

    • Budget package for starters

They really want to encourage the startups by having a good choice of start up packages to choose from. Startup does not just mean anything that is cheap but the availability of tools must be there, too. They extend a lot of helping hands to those who are new in the web developing industry. While most budget packages are targeted for those needing shared hosting solutions, there are also newbies in the dedicated server world.

    • Uncensored content

Unlike other hosting providers that censor the content that they host, this team does not do content monitoring. For as long as the company availing of the services is a legally acknowledged company, they are ok with hosting them. This is all good for those who do not want to explain the contents of their websites to any hosting provider.

What’s Disappointing About Web Leader?

&#10006 Slower performance

Their performance is getting slower and slower with each passing year. While one may think that this is because of the increased customer base, they should update their machines to make sure that service is consistent all throughout.

&#10006 Frequent downtimes

The frequent downtimes can be a tad too irritating, especially if this is your first time hosting your web service. There are too many service interruptions to count. This is a very bad thing to have unless you are in it for personal reasons. But for budding e-commerce sites, this is a nightmare to have.

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing else preventing you from having a start up, trial project with them, especially if you are just experimenting or testing a site for studies or school purposes.