They state on their website that their shared web hosting provides the power and reliability of a dedicated server without having to pay the cost of a dedicated server. Huh? web hosting says they are able to back it up by using the best servers, hardware, and network to power a clustered web hosting platform.

With web hosting you will receive the ability to use as many domains on your web hosting account as you need, unlimited hard drive space, and an unlimited amount of bandwidth. provides you with everything that you need in order to develop an extravagant web presence in a very simple manner. also offers many other services besides web hosting including web site marketing and web site design.

As you can see, they aren’t only professionals when it comes to web hosting. They are professional in a wide variety of other industries as well.

When you host with, you will be hosting with a company who doesn’t limit their boundaries. Price Value web hosting is available with Windows or Linux. It’s your choice when it comes to the operating system that’s used to power your web hosting plan.

They are a tad higher than other web hosting providers, but they offer a great service with great features.

If price isn’t a factor, web hosting may be the solution that you want.

Customer Support Check

Support is available around the clock via telephone and e-mail.

They offer a brief F.A.Q. section, but no extensive information like other web hosting providers seem to offer to their customers.

Control Panel Details web hosting accounts are powered by a custom-built control panel. This custom control panel that’s used for web hosting accounts is fairly easy to learn.

However, it has gotten some mixed opinions from others.

Reliability Check web hosting is known for their great reputation for being a reliable web hosting provider.

Since they use high quality hardware and network connections, you don’t have to worry about web hosting being unreliable.

As it was said earlier in this review, you get the power and reliability of a dedicated server without the big price tag attached to it.