Wafer Hosting is a North Carolina-based hosting solutions provider that boasts of a long list of clients from A to Z. They offer Self-managed VPS hosting packages, which is quite different from what other hosting solutions provider have out there.

The Hosting Package

Wafer Hosting has quotation-only packages, unlike other web hosting companies that publish their rates immediately on the web. This can be both a good and a bad thing, since you can get what you only need but then it takes time before you can actually learn how much it will cost.

What’s Great About Wafer Hosting?

    • Reasonable Rates

Wafer Hosting has competitive rates, especially with their unlimited package. Most startup companies choose their first provider by looking at the price tags but with Wafer Hosting, you can get a cheap price for a specially quoted package best suited for your web hosting needs.

    • Focus on VPS

They offer self-managed virtual private servers, which means that they are low-maintenance and that you only need to do some initial tweaking to keep things up and running. If you are running several servers at the same time, this can be a huge advantage since it will eat less of your admin work hours.

    • Anti Spam and Virus Filters

Their email services have built in spam and virus filters, at no extra charge. These are all integrated to all of their deployments, eliminating the need for you to build or buy a separate filter for your email services. This also means that at the very beginning, the emails that you and your customers get are already pre-filtered.

    • Domain Registration and Management Services

They also have a domain registration and management services, so that you do not need to go to somebody else to buy a new domain for your project. Having all the things that you need under one location is a big advantage especially if you are juggling several web projects all at the same time.

What’s Disappointing About Small Space Hosting?

&#10006 Unresponsive Customer Support Team

Their technical support staff is always difficult to reach plus they are not the smartest bunch. There are times where you feel that you are going in circles. They should better train their staff. Although being available is a step in the right direction, they should now focus on providing quality customer support.

&#10006 No Actual User Reviews

Silence in positive reviews is a bit unnerving. There are some negative reviews, even accusations of being a scam due to the unresponsive staff being read as purposely not answering inquiries and issues. Wait for someone else to say something really nice about them first before signing up.

The Bottom Line

There are many alternatives out there with an already proven track record, plus a team that can readily say how much a hosting solution with them will cost. Sometimes being different for the sake of being different is not good, as how it currently is with Wafer Hosting.