VPSNext hosting provides virtual private server hosting with several reseller options. By bein a VPS provider, VPSNext eliminates the dependency on hardware issues and instead focuses on good load balancing solutions.

The Hosting Package

VPSNext has two web hosting packages, which vary in price depending on how many years you want to avail of their service. The minimum commitment time is one year. You can get started with their Base-Host plan, which gives you unlimited disk space, bandwidth, shared SSL certificate and unlimited domains hosted for $4.95 a month for one year.

For the Tera-Host package, you can get the Base-Host features plus a dedicated SSL and IP, along with SSH access. The Tera-Host package costs $13.95 per month for one year. Rates are discounted the longer you wish to run the service with them.

What’s Great About VPSNext?

    • Option to resell

If you are looking at reselling their hosting packages, you will be pleased to know that you can do this with VPSNext. There are several reseller packages available through their website. This allows you to expand your business model to include reselling.

    • Good after-sales team

VPSNext has a good after-sales team that really knows what they are talking about. You need not prepare for the usual headaches of follow up calls, as what is usually expected whenever you file a trouble ticket. Having a good after-sales team also means that most of your issues, if not all, are easily addressed, whether it’s transferring a service or inquiring about installation and setup procedures.

    • Reliable VPS hosting

VPSNext has a good track record when it comes to their uptime ratio. Excluding maintenance upgrades and the occasional, sporadic downtimes, they give a fairly stable experience to most of their subscribers, regardless of the package availed.

    • Freebies for loyal accounts

A unique plus point with VPSNext is that they have customer loyalty promos or points such as discount vouchers for upgrades or Google Ads placement.

What’s Disappointing About VPSNext?

&#10006 Not too many actual users review

Even if VPSNext looks good on paper and even from the reviews from other users, there is still not a big number of actual users claiming to have availed of their service.

&#10006 No tips and tools for easier website building

If you are a starter web site developer looking for tools on how to make the installation and building easier, you will not find any from the VPSNext website. This feature is often bundled in other hosting solutions provider and is distinctively absent with VPSNext.

The Bottomline

There are no big disappointments but at the same time, no huge, impressive feats with VPSNext. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. If you are not in dire need of a speedy network and can afford to risk going with a smaller player, then go with VPSNext.